Tenant Screening helps landlords greatly reduce risk

Comprehensive Tenant Screening Eliminates Undesirable Renters

Tenant Screening: An Indispensable Component of Competent Property Management

It is shocking that there are still so many landlords who don’t even bother to conduct a thorough tenant screening on their potential rental applicants. And even many of those property owners who are doing some form of tenant background checks are not doing a very good job. It is highly important to obtain a comprehensive background screening.  This is true because law firms across the country who specialize in landlord-tenant disputes have found a very profitable and thriving business providing legal services to unfortunate and defrauded landlords.

The Key Components of the Tenant Background Check Process Include:

  • An initial telephone screening Interview
  • Obtaining valid identification of your rental applicants
  • A rental application completed by your applicants.
  • Ordering a comprehensive Tenant Background Check
  • Receiving a free tenant credit check on the spouse from your tenant background screening company
  • Screening tenants by comparing the tenant check report with the rental application
  • Verifying employment and rental references
  • Applying a rental deposit
  • Signing a solid rental agreement

Be Aware of Fraudulent Tenants Who Take Advantage of Unsuspecting Landlords that Don’t Run Tenant Screening Reports

There is an alarming growing trend across the country. The fraudsters know that there are many property managers and real estate owners who have faulty systems (or no system whatsoever) in place to filter out the scum tenants show purposefully aim to rip off landlords by fully intending to give the full appearance that they are totally legitimate, and then once admitted into the property they simply don’t pay the rent. Many of these scammers have a very sophisticated scheme in place to delay eviction by continuously having a believable story to tell the landlord. Believe it or not, those who with a refined system can actually get away with not paying rent for many months before the landlord goes to court and files for a unlawful detainer.

Investigating Tenants Effectively Requires that Landlords not be Deceived by Appearances

These type of individuals are slimy, but they don’t usually have that kind of appearance at all. You may not be able to detect any red flags prior to thoroughly screening your rental applicant. Many of them are quite sophisticated and speak eloquently. This is all the more reason that yo must have an intimate knowledge of the background history of any potential tenant. To accomplish this, you absolutely cannot do this on your own in virtually all cases. Why? Because you really don’t know exactly where this person has lived for his entire life. Therefore, he or she could have judgments, liens, evictions, forecloses, and bankruptcy filings that you can’t find without the assistance of a nationwide personal background investigation which accesses proprietary databases for which access is precluded to the general public. There are several reasons for this. One of the biggest problems is that there is far too much identity theft that has lead to stringent laws that restricts this type of information from being readily accessible to the public.